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Name:The Distaff Side: Celebrating Women's History
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Community description:Women's history

The term "distaff side" is used to refer to "the female line or maternal branch of a family." It comes from spinning and the long, multi-cultural association of textile manufacture with women. My hope is that this can be a place where women can share the histories of the women that have come before us, the maternal line of our human family. Learning the stories of foremothers can be a fantastic, empowering experience.


1. All posts must be primarily (though not solely) about historical women and women's histories.

2. Please give information about the main sources you're drawing your information from.

3. This community is intended to draw on feminisms and their critical lenses. I'll be making a sticky post with resources on that soon. Please don't feel like you can't participate unless you've got a degree in Women's Studies. Just try to familiarize yourself with concepts like "Intersectionality, "patriarchy," "male gaze," the feminist definition of "sexism," "privilege," etc.

4. The comm is for and about women, but all people who want to celebrate women's history are welcome. Women's history is, after all, nothing less than the history of half our human ancestors. :)

5. Chat about historical fiction is both welcome and encouraged as long as sources are given for facts related to the fiction as well as the fiction itself. The sort of discussion I'm hoping for would be directed by questions like What did the movie or book get right? What did it get wrong? How do the choices made by the writers and directors indicate their own biases and historical context? How does the way the past is being constructed make an argument about gender roles in the present? Media representations are an important part of public memory and the way they represent or misrepresent women's history is vital to how we understand women and their lives in the past.

6. It's also perfect cool to post news articles about women's history or essays you've found that use women's history in their arguments.
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